Parent Resources

Why should I be concerned about childhood anxiety?

Anxiety disorders affect approximately one in every 10 children and cause significant distress and interference in the lives of the children they affect. Without treatment, anxiety disorders can persist into adolescence and adulthood.

How can I tell whether my child is anxious?

Children with anxiety typically exhibit at least two of these symptoms:

  • Physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches, etc.)
  • Avoidance or withdrawal from a variety of situations
  • Self-consciousness, self-criticism, or perfectionism
  • Difficulty attending school or separating from parents
  • Excessive concern about future and past events

Looking for some guidance about anxiety in youth?

Consider the on-line parenting program called “Child Anxiety Tales.”

Kendall, P. C. & Khanna, M. (2015) Child Anxiety Tales: Web-based parent training for parents of youth with anxiety. Available on CopingCatParentswebpage. Ardmore, PA: Workbook Publishing.